"I was kind of introverted. I had friends but they were with many different groups of people, so I was the president of my drama society, but I was also captain of the dance team, and then I was in science fairs and all that stuff. I wasn’t part of a certain crowd; I bopped around. I didn’t have a lot of girlfriends, I kind of kept to myself. I was a really good girl. My parents wouldn’t let me wear makeup or cut my hair or anything like that. That was kind of sacred. That was how I grew up."

@dylanobrien: I luh ya cuties I luh ya luh ya luh ya cuties.

Countdown to Season 4 - Week Eight: Favorite Overall Season
       “We really don’t need a man to protect us.”

hanna marin appreciation week → day 2:  favourite brotp
"please, i can’t lose you too."

And that is immortality, my darling.

favorite qualities

Things I say in class

me: what time is it?
me: we had homework?
me: wait what
me: i'm so tired
me: when does this period end
me: i'm so sleepy
me: what time is it?